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AIMExpo 2015 Has New Owners ★
october, 2015 – AIMExpo was big news all around, with new (MIC) ownership, another record round of exhibitors.

AIMExpo – Room For Improvement ★
january, 2015 – AIMExpo was clean, tidy, and comfortable. But it wasn’t exciting. Here’s what was missing.

AIMExpo 2014 Big Success ★
october, 2014 – AIMExpo celebrated their first birthday with a bigger, better show that wowed attendees.

Balance Your Digital PR Workflow ★
august, 2014 – Press releases no longer exist in just one dimension. Checklist and tips for balancing digital publicity.

Social Media Collision Course ★
march, 2014 – The differences between Facebook and Google+ add up to major strategy considerations on use.

Online Newsrooms for PR ★
february, 2014 – Secret weapon - online newsrooms have quickly become a marketing and public relations essential.

AIMExpo Debuts In Orlando ★
october, 2013 – After year’s of dithering the industry finally gets what it needs – a fresh show at a world class destination.

Claim Page Rank With Content ★
august, 2013 – My small site gets Google page rank in SERP top 10. Why I think my content is what makes the difference.

Last Call – Goodbye Old Friend
july, 2013 – Nearly 36 years separated my first ride on a brand new XLCR from my last. A look at what that journey meant.

Powersports At A Crossroads ★
april, 2013 – Forget the economy, millennials are turning their backs on – gasp! – driver licenses! What this social sea change means to the industry.

Social Media Breakthrough ★
february, 2013 – Social media emerges as a core communications channel when global events from Super Bowl to shipwrecks create a universally watched stage.

Trade Events Showing Fatigue ★
january, 2013 – An American staple – the industry trade show – faces serious challenges. Can this event format be saved? Dive in for a look at questions, some answers.

Looking Back At GIFs
january, 2013 – Oxford American Dictionary chooses GIF as the 2012 word of the year. Here’s a look back at why they’re so versatile.

Performance Racing Industry 2012 ★
november, 2012 – PRI closes out an eight year run in Orlando after new owner SEMA decides Indy's the place to be in 2013 and returns event to snowbelt.

Powersports Social Media Infographic ★
october, 2012 – Is powersports leveraging the power of social media? A look at how the top B2B and B2C etailers, distributors, and events stack up socially.

Google Changes The Rules
may, 2012 – What does it mean when Google tweaks their top secret search algorithms? You might be surprised at how it affects your marketing strategy.

Getting My Feet Wet
april, 2012 – Three experiences highlight my approach to marine photography, pr, and digital media.

Performance Racing Industry 2011: Orlando ★
december, 2011 – After a two-year hiatus I get reacquainted with the top venue for the motorsports racing industry and return to Orlando for a PRI reunion to see what’s changed.

TEDx At Poynter Institute ★
november, 2011 – First time event hosted by the venerable media watchdog; 12 speakers on “The Future of Journalism Is…” from a social slant.

Newsletter Marketing Part II
september, 2011 – Tracing my newsletter marketing growth from no digital to all internet; web targeted options are unlimited.

Newsletter Marketing Part I
april, 2011 – Pre-web marketing meant print, and the introduction of desktop publishing opened huge new windows of opportunity.

Social Fresh Tampa ★
february, 2011 – This conference shares insight into the complex matrix that defines social media.

Kodak Kodachrome’s Last Day
december, 2010 – My Kodachrome experience about how I shot the largest photomural south of New York City in the ‘70s.

Poynter Institute Social Media Day ★
november, 2010 – The inaugural event brought together some of the best social media minds in the business for a day of insight and new awareness.

Ted’s Montana Grill: Branding Well Done
april, 2010 – Ted Turner decides his Montana ranching pursuits should lead to a healthier lifestyle and pay dividends for the American bison at the same time. The result is an excellent example of environmental message control, great food, and two national icons.

What Your Email Domain Says About Your Online Reputation
january, 2010 – When it comes to online reputation a generic email address says unprofessional. Cure the homeless perception with a personal URL.

Continental Says No To Social Media PR Fix
august, 2009 – Read how Continental Express parked an unhygenic plane stuffed with tired, hungry, thirsty paying customers for the night at a deserted terminal - and the massive negative publicity that resulted from this incomprehensible marketing failure.

Siebenthaler Creative Powersports POP Promotion
july, 2009 – Budget priced, short run professional POP retail produced using the latest hi-tech imaging technology from innovative domestic marketing partners.

Web 24-7 Requires Active Social Media Management Strategy
july, 2009 – Our personal and working lives have been taken over by the internet in less than a decade. Read how to map out a strategy for survival, based on multiple touchpoints that include social channels, web sites, blogging and other media.

Social Media — How To Set Up A Strategy That Works
june, 2009 – Quick short course on need to know before deciding if social media’s a deal maker or time waster. We break down the red hot twitter scene for insight into social media asset management.

Advanstar Dealer Expo 2009: Indianapolis ★
february, 2009 – Lucas Oil claimed naming rights to a brand new stadium and the scooter glitterati immediately filled it up. The players continued to change as major challenges to the powersports channel keep emerging.

Tom Petty, Me, and MTV ★
january, 2009 – In 1985 I got a call to shoot Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on a live rehearsal for MTV. If you only get one shot in life photographing a world class rock and roll band, this was the one.

Performance Racing Industry 2008: Orlando ★
december, 2008 –The economy cratered and talk of $4/gal. gas was commonplace. New this year: green innovation shined a spotlight on the electric side of performance.

Thomasville GA Greensouth Tractor Dealership
october, 2008 – A Southwest Georgia retail ag dealer in Thomasville, GA, does better than expected in a stormy economic climate.

Cycle World Trek 2008: The Sierra Nevadas ★
october, 2008 – Another offroad lap around the Sierra Nevadas with the Cycle World crew for company. This year I took time to smell the conifers.

Invest In POP And Generate Extra Profit
july, 2008 – Our POP projects move retail; take a look at how powerful this marketing method can be in motivating consumers to open up their wallets and spend more money.

DR Power – Consumer Direct Marketing That Works
may, 2008 – DR Power may not yet be a household name but their consumer direct marketing is professionally managed to produce above average results.

Advanstar Dealer Expo 2008: Indianapolis
february, 2008 – Join the tour as we discover what’s new in the industry – and what needs fixing.

Brand Strategies From Target, P&G, Caterpillar
february, 2008 — Successful branding takes more than lip service. It’s all in the details - winning examples from Target, Caterpillar, P&G.

Performance Racing Industry 2007: Orlando
december, 2007— Hard core automotive speed industry; drags to dirt, oval to road at this huge Orlando show.

Cycle World Trek 2007: The Sierra Nevada Surprises
october, 2007 — A little dust, a little rain, a lot of snow. The massive mountain range creates a challenge—will Trekkies survive the test?

3 Ways To Make Your PR Work For, Not Against
august, 2007 — This to-the-point column highlights successful strategies I’ve used over the years and includes a 3-step checklist for successfully setting up editorial releases for submission.

Globalshop 2007: Las Vegas Welcomes Marketing Giant
march, 2007 — I go behind-the-scenes for a tour of the largest POP trade event in the world. Point-of-purchase techniques and the latest in consumer motivational strategies.

case study: POP, PR Combine for Mega Impact
I designed maximum selling impact in only one square foot of retail floor space using applied creative and digital production; highlights several of my public relations and POP marketing solutions.

Advanstar Dealer Expo 2007: Indianapolis
february, 2007 — Another successful show, not as fresh as ’06 but with even more attendance — by dealers and exhibitors. Theme could have been the Powersports Alternative Transportation show and exhibit.

Easyriders V-Twin Expo 2007: Cincinnati
february, 2007 — Another near capacity show for the 7th year in a row. Vendors reflected movement towards more functionality as baggers and conversions seemed to attract significant attention.

Performance Racing Industry 2006: Orlando
december, 2006 — This event highlights the racing industry, catering to virtually every four-wheeled competition category from off-road and tractor pulling to closed course and oval track.

SEMA 2006: Las Vegas
october, 2006 — Journey to the second largest trade exhibition in the country. Most suprising aspect was the extensive use of bikes to support either displays or product throughout the venues.

Cycle World Trek — collection
My Trek riding experiences in one collection.

Web 2.0
august, 2006 — An overview of the rapidly emerging discipline referred to as Web 2.0. The technical advantages of blogging to provide commercial sites with flexible audience interaction.

Advanstar Dealer Expo 2006: Indianapolis
march, 2006 — The best in years, ’til my camera got clipped as I headed out for the airport. Unquantifiable, but it felt like the mojo was working overtime.

Easyriders V-Twin Expo 2006: Cincinnati
february, 2006 — A good show gets better. More booths, more exhibitors, more innovation – and the first whiff of a softening market.

Dakar 2006
january, 2006 — The most amazing competition in motorsports gets underway in Spain and finishes two weeks later on the coast of Africa, over 5,000 mile distant. Chris Blais and Andy Grider blaze new trails; my online reporting of the Paris-Dakar Rally predates social media.

Ad Guy Steve Soto Takes To The Sky Piloting His Tricked Out XR650R November, 2005: my Trek riding pal STEVE SOTO piloted his nifty XR650R sand worm repli-racer to Elsinore 100 (4th in class) and Baja 1000 (10th in class) finishes. clik on image
Cycle World Trek 2005: The Sierra Nevadas
october, 2005 — The story’s still getting cooked, but check out my online comic to get a flavor of what the 31st annual event was all about. slide show on flickr

Creative Branding: The Hampton Inn Difference
september, 2005 — A case study on the basics of branding includes a winning strategy from Hilton chain Hampton Inn, why branding is essential, epic failures, and benefits from creative well done.

Two Shooters Open Up About How To Pick A Professional Photographer
august, 2005 — A closeup look at the nuts and bolts required to capture a professional image. Table tops, sweeps, cycs, and more explained; much more than a bedsheet and a couple of Ray-O-Vac flashlights.

Cascading Style Sheets Offer Big Improvement In Web Design
july, 2005 — You’ve seen it, even if you didn’t recognize it. It is CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheet and that stands for great, as in the easy, smooth, and non-stressful approach to standardizing and updating web page appearance.

Photo Imaging Is Critical For Viewer Engagement
Examples and explanations of Siebenthaler Creative's compelling photo imaging techniques using Adobe Creative Suite image and illustration applications.

Photoshop Image Size Dialogue Box Explained
june, 2005 — Demanded by many 300dpi or else bullies, understood by few. Photo image quality doesn’t stop at the resolution, or DPI of a file. In fact it doesn’t even start there. Learn how to tame the image size dialogue info box by understanding the relationship between dimension, resolution, scene content, and file size.

Case Study: Graphic Design To The Rescue
april, 2005 — small doesn’t have to mean boring; micro web site design and collateral creative design.

Advanstar Dealer Expo 2005: Indianapolis
february, 2005 — It’s trade show mania, and Indy Dealer Expo sported a host of new players while some old favorites went missing. Who’s new, who’s good, and why.

Cycle World Trek 2004: The Sierra Nevadas
october, 2004 — My first ever dual sport trail ride, and what an introduction, courtesy of Cycle World’s 30th Annual Trek in the Sierra National Forest. slide show

Easyriders V-Twin Expo 2004: Cincinnati
february, 2004 — Cincinnati’s V-Twin Expo tests those who didn’t wear thermal underwear; we survive, and are stronger for the experience.

Daytona BiketoberFest 2003 With The Horse
october, 2003 — a snapshot of Utah fine arts powersports sculptor Jeff Decker, and some big brand marketing observations.

Biker Lifestyle Niche Pubs – Ozbike and Horse
august, 2003 — The Horse/BC and Aussie entry Ozbiker Nation typify the biker spirit in untypical fashion.

Advanstar Dealer Expo 2003: Indianapolis
march, 2003 — Indy Dealer Expo – it gripes me when ideas are good enough to steal but aren’t worth leaving anything in the poor box.

Florida: A Time And Place Forgotten
october, 2002 — remembering Florida before Disneyworld, condos, and the discovery by California that we’ve got two coasts worth of beaches.

SCS Portfolio imaging, print, copy and collateral work packaged as a PDF.


Siebenthaler Creative Powersports Marketing: First Fax, Then eMail

Before The Web (HTML) Early AdFax Columns Preceded Online Publishing


regardless of medium design is still an essential element for effective communications AdFax docs – In 1997 I designed the newsletters below in Aldus Pagemaker, using a convulted Photoshop bitmap conversion to McGyver something that would work with an in-computer fax program, using a modem to transmit to a curated phone list of recipients.

As web technology improved those first thermal b&w faxes evolved into eMailed PDFs covering a range of marketing, advertising, and promotional topics: file setups, logo design, best publicity practices, graphic design dos and don’ts, and an ongoing look at industry gaffes and goofs by big name builders and manufacturers that should never have made it out of the parking lot.

Downright Mephistophelian
april, 2002 – Holy gackamole! more incredible headline slip-ups via use of awkward double entendre; Hall of Shame Award for absolutely the worst ad we’ve ever seen, in print or otherwise, in any category ever known

9/11 Remembered
september 15, 2001

august, 2001 – V-ROD intro comments, comparisons, inspiration; alternate markets, nifty web connections; 28 Days movie trivia (hint: Quick Throttle)

Brrr! Daytona Bike Week ’01
march, 2001 – billboard debuted at Daytona; strategy behind use of outdoor media and pros and cons; Dealer Expo sidebar

The End Is...Here?
january, 2001 – what to make of ominous downturn in economic trends; effect on discretionary income, how to combat market threat to your business with focused advertising

9/2004 update – Ms LePore found out what local voters thought of her design efforts... not much, when they bounced her from her job of many years in the county primary election. Good riddance to rotten talent.
but I voted!People’s Exhibit “A”
november, 2000
need we say more?
oh yes, we need. satire and observations on Florida’s spectacularly incompetent role in the 2000 presidential election initiated by the total lack of (ballot) design, pumping new life into the legal profession and causing waves of hilarity around the world; single-handedly saved comedy clubs across America from extinction; introduced a fresh generation of cable news bobbing head nitwits to tv viewers who wanted info but got stupidity — remember the scene on the steps of the Supreme Court? yeah, I live here; and this stuff goes on all the time.

It Looks Like A Duck
november, 2000 — building product identity; hilighting web sites and american motorcycle network; consumer friendly web site tips

Dennis Stemp: An American Biker
july, 2000 — reflections on the untimely passing of Dennis Stemp, friend and founder of IronWorks magazine

Can One Size Fit All?
may, 2000 — headlines from the Bermuda Triangle; TwistGear helical introduction; what’s in a name

V-Twin Media Scene
march, 2000 — hilighting Ozbike,, Big Twin, and IronWorks

Build That Brand
november, 1999 — developing brand strategy; using icons for association; Kelley Motorsports intro

The Bottom Line?
august, 1999 – Easyriders Readers Rides; ad directly attributable to sell through of Accurate Engineering Berry Wardlaw Signature Series panhead

Words That Work
march, 1999 – setting up ads for effectiveness; Image Casting, Total Performance Engineering; Dealer Expo sidebar

PR – Not For Sale
january, 1999 – Easyriders feature; measuring worth of unpaid media with example

PR Or Advertising?
november, 1998 – Motorcycle Industry News; comparing paid and unpaid media, differences between, what to use when; Edward Bernays – father of public relations

Sell More Stuff!
september, 1998 – four steps to preparing effective ads; Ogilvy On Advertising hilight

Headline Ads
july, 1998 – tips on writing headlines that grab; creating logos that work well in a variety of situations

New Tech Trends
may, 1998 – desktop publishing; on-demand direct to plate printing; all about Adobe’s Acrobat Reader technology for digital publishing

The Name Game
march, 1998 – marketplace strategy; product naming: Truett & Osborn TorqueMonster; Berry Wardlaw Signature Series for Accurate Engineering

Public Relations How To
january, 1998 – prepping material for editorial usage; what editors look for when they get a submission; packaging the contents, setting up files for desktop production on the publication’s end

Ads That Work
december, 1997 – setting up ads for maximum impact takes a little planning to get things right – a look at production techniques and content

Get It In Print
november, 1997 – inaugural issue; Confederate MC pr in European Dealer News; Truett & Osborn Cycles; tips and techniques for prepping pr material