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using direct mail for advertising, marketing and public relations
direct mail success involves creativity, content and context

Drop me a line for a winning social media marketing strategy. professional marketing and communications

direct mail is the perfect solution for building customer relationships, extending loyalty programs and pitching new products. The psychological benefits alone include a positive tactile experience that sends a message of commitment and investment — not to mention the visual difference between high resolution printed art that can be touched and 72-pixel online viewing.

direct mail solutions for effective advertising, marketing and public relations

a proven lead builder when copy tells a story readers relate to; creative use of front and back turns throwaway into pass-along.

today’s direct mail is vibrant, alive and bursting with persuasion. Use high quality mail lists (or develop your own) to introduce or support web marketing. Follow up by adding coordinated html e-mail newsletters and promotions for a double hit of reinforcement.

By leveraging fresh creative, digital technology, and modern printing, marketers get the best of both worlds — fully customizeable product insight, delivered directly into consumers hands.

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