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social media events and columns social media strategies explained

social media insight

What’s behind a social media workflow more…

why file size is the correct metric

prepping for print

Why file size, not resolution, is like a bucket of water more…

featured blog entries

iconic logo Jack the Shop Dog is the basis for local SEO advantage

targeting local biz

Here’s how: make sure local radar finds your SEOmore…

Saul Bass set a very high bar.

america’s design icon

20th century graphic design was led by one man more…

RGA agency's global headquarters

r/ga in “workplace”

Storied agency stars in Gary Hustwit documentary more…

why press releases still matter

press releases vital

Don’t let social media bling distract from tradition more…

paper swatchbook cabinet a relic from the past

paper spec old school

My swatch book paper cabinet has stories to tell more…

I provide quality content for web and print

newsletter basics — html email

images aren't loading in email HTML newsletters

Many businesses employing HTML newsletters in their marketing plan use a third party app to prepare and deliver content rich emails to subscribers. Those comms depend on the images displaying as intended.more…

easy screen grabs in firefox

full page screen grabs are easy in Firefox

There's no shortage of options when it comes to screen grabs. Saving entire web pages to an image format is considerably more challenging—unless you’re using Firefox. How to quickly save what you want. more…

Drop me a line for a winning social media marketing strategy. connecting business to market
creative tools and techniques


pdfs are a great marketing tool with hidden SEM benefits

Unlike text and HTML newsletters, PDFs pack a ton of SEM punch - if you know where to put it. more…

web design

flats fishing charter needed mini site, social strategy

An assignment to create a Florida fishing charter microsite took me out on the water for photos, fun, and design inspired by the elements. more…

exhibit design

custom designed trade show booth exhibit

This custom trade show dimensional display was part of a multiple booth design assignment for a powersports accessory manufacturer.

The Chemetal veneers were an integral part of an overall design that stood out from competitors and stopped traffic in the aisles.

Does your trade exhibit and event marketing mission need an overhaul? more…

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