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social media is now the most important word of mouth marketing tool available

a brief look back

Facebook and Google compete for the same spaceFacebook and G+ compete for the same space — only one will survive. 2014

Social media breaks through in 2013Social media erupts as the dominant news source. 2013

Powersports has room for improvement in social mediaPowersports has yet to come to grips with social media. 2012

Graham Sharp presented for xtranormal, a text to movie cloud serviceTEDx at Poynter brought an impressive lineup of speakers and ideas. 2011

Social Fresh Tampa featured a collection of social media’s top strategists. 2011

managing twitter feeds is just part of social media engagementTraditional journalism’s future is unclear as print continues to struggle. 2010

if you suffer from split personalities social media may not be for you Online identity is tied to a large network of domains. Here’s how it works. 2009

take the time to set up your indivdual email address can pay dividendsNew Media email's at the center of social, blog, chat, text and phone networking. 2010

social and emerging media are up front in online marketing strategy twitter is to media what a microwave is to a Viking range. 2009

social media these days requires a personal web site to serve as a home base Social brand success includes a unique URL as the hub for media activities.

web 2.0 describes the online interaction that's developed since the www consortium was developedSocial Media refers to a variety of digital tools and skills. Here‘s how it started. 2006

marketing took a major unnecessary hit with the latest debacle to erupt over passengers rights Now Extinct Continental Airlines paid the price of ignoring social media’s PR power. 2009

Social Storytelling That Connects

Social Media is the Rosetta Stone of digital communication, the tip of a very large iceberg that makes up the world wide web.

In just a few few short years social media in its various forms has displaced print, cancelled broadcast, and cast aside cable. It’s upended how we shop for everything from autos to avocados, and created an entirely new dimension of cultural behavior that cuts both ways.

Still, this transformational shockwave depends on certain traditions for effectiveness. At the top of the list is the art/talent/skill of creative writing, whether it’s 280-characters at a time, clik-baiting, or long-form blog entries.

twitter feed from online webinar

In only a few short years, social media transformed communication traditions that took centuries to refine.

It’s All About Social

Social includes business channels like LinkedIn, social/commercial sites like Facebook, thought-at-a-time Twitter, YouTube and TikTok video, Pinterest, Instagram, and dozens more, from benevolent to toxic.

Brian Solis' Conversation Prism visualizes the major social media channelsBrian Solis’ Conversation Prism is the best way to visualize how social media’s top channels relate to your specific goals.

Social media success comes with telling a story readers are interested in, not just another rehash of the annual company picnic.

If You’re In Business, It Can’t Be A Hobby

Managing social content — conceiving, creating, producing, distributing — is what I enjoy. It’s what benefits business, and gives your market what it wants: a reason to keep coming back.

Drop me a line for a winning social media marketing strategy. taking business to market

Barcamp: Boot Camp For Social

barcamp tampa is a rich source of knowledge and learning

Barcamp is a reunion of all things web, bringing together engineeers, designers, marketeers, and entrepreneurs, in a communal atmosphere of geeked out problem solving, presentation, and inspiration. The result is an open forum where concepts flourish, ideas are hatched, and alliances are formed.

Barcamp 2013 introduced me to Google Glass, quad-copter drones and some nifty WordPress plugins.
view on Flickr barcamp Tampa 2013

Barcamp 2012 moved to the University of South Florida and teamed with Codecamp for the dual-themed seminars.
view on Flickr barcamp Tampa 2012

Barcamp 2011 was my first encounter with the freeflowing energy that jumpstarts thought at this unique gathering.
view on Flickr barcamp Tampa 2011