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front end web design customized for your specific needs

Drop me a line for a winning social media marketing strategy. marketing and communications solutions

my affordable web development blends html, graphic design, marketing, and brand elements in a way viewers find enjoyable and clients find sustainable.

complete web package contains logotype, collateral, site architecture

shanti vinyasa needed an economical way to reach a local audience and build an internet following. I designed a micro-site to achieve those objectives using client-managed content.

  1. basic brand concept
  2. naming strategy
  3. mini-site architecture
  4. logo development
  5. original art direction
  6. splash page
  7. social media coaching
  8. collateral print design
  9. blog setup

I like sites that present visitors with an uncluttered design and an easily navigated interface. My style is based on traditional print layout; a comfortable to read typeface with line lengths, leading, and character spacing that won’t cause eyestrain or confusion.

Development includes basic SEO, metadata, professional content, and user friendly layouts for maximum consumer satisfaction and efficient web performance.

The design also takes into account integrating various social channels, depending on the client’s online comfort level.

When a Content Management System is needed, a self-hosted WordPress blog is installed for ease of use, reliability, and versatility.

Clients are encouraged to purchase their own URL domains (with consultation). Site hosting is offered as a service.

Enjoy the look and feel of a well coordinated print, brand, and online design approach as part of your digital marketing effort.

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