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the on its side car display was the inspiration for this editorial artwork classic composite of two images merged to create something that never existed nothing exotic, just a visual demo of matching hues for a color field background What is Photo Illustration?

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It’s an art – not a commodity. Digital imaging and photo illustration add significant emotional value to site content. Images plus graphics plus a headline solution is a proven formula for improving viewer engagement (CTR) in everything from emails to epubs.

flickr portfolio | Kodachrome photomural

dramatic before and after creative treatment when you've just got to photoshop Tiffany or transmission? you decide
a typical pr shot was massaged into an image with a sense of mystery and motion sharply saturated art makes the tire the star of this composite what’s in a gear? that depends on a little Photoshop magic and the ability to reveal
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Siebenthaler Creative GIF done in Photoshop animated GIFs use a small digital footprint to deliver a big message.

The format has been around since the dawn of the internet and continues to be a favorite format for interesting and engaging banner ads and social posts.

View my compilation of favorites collected over the years.