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Animated GIFs: Fun, Engaging, Memorable Media

January, 2013 | by John Siebenthaler

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GIFs dead? Not likely! Buzz these days says, “lack of click throughs” proves banners are dead. That’s like saying billboard advertising is toes up because drivers can’t high-five the sign during a drive-by.

Don’t believe it — it just proves that click throughs are measureable, not that the message – created to convey awareness – is useless. Clicks are an added dimension of value, not the only one. Retention and recall remain the major role of creative.

Since the demise of Flash and the acceptance of the format by every major social channel, GIFs are now guaranteed a permanent seat at the marketing and advertising online table.

my first attempt at creating a GIF, rendered in Photoshop GIFs: The Online Billboard That Moves

Animated GIFs have been around since the ‘net’s earliest days featured a creepy Baby Cha Cha. My first modest Photoshop attempt from 2005.

This collection of vintage GIFs proves their versatility: a tiny, universally viewable format that shares multiple messages in an entertaining manner.

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espn stakes a claim

nike wishes this would just go away

time lapse effect makes this effective

on off on off

small spaces