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POP starter kit delivers great results


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Want more in-store action, WOM, and brand reputation? Invest in motivational POP! Forget furniture. POP and POS are the most effective in-store and event motivators your marketing dollar can buy.

I’ve designed an industry first – an affordable, three-piece, short-run, high-quality Made In America POP kit, priced at under $40* per in quantities as low as 200 units. Great value, great price, and a great opportunity to build your brand.

Professionally created POP delivers an exceptional ROI. It’s qualified, measurable, and, when designed correctly, remarkably effective when it comes to shaking reluctant dollars from the jeans of a finicky market.

POP three-piece intro pak contains one each of the following essentials:

Printed and factory packaged in the U.S.A., this quik-start kit is goof-proof and quality driven.

Major retailers in every channel use POP power daily as part of a goal driven sales strategy that leverages brand power. Get way out in front of the competition and experience the powerful advantage a creative POP strategy can deliver.

*Pricing and quantities are subject to change without notice. Quotes are good for 30 days. Estimates are subject to +/- 10 percent. Shipping and handling, file setup, and creative are extra.