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POP is the acronym for an exciting world of sense driven media, including sight, sound, smell and touch.

POP: Power to Persuade

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popup display conveys quality, at a glance product information

Versatile Pop Up Display
This sturdy, double-sided point-of-purchase popup needs no bracing. Alternate message on reverse side catches retail floor traffic coming from either direction.

effecient and effective retail display boosts sales
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Create A Powerful Sales Message
Want to make lemonade? You’ll need a little sugar. These are challenging times for retail in general, and motorcycle powersports in particular.

Point-of-purchase advertising that converts foot traffic to register receipts is not an exact science. Price, marketability, and need all factor into consumers thought processes as they kick the tires while considering their next action. Walk away or buy?

Here’s how to get started. Stack the odds in your favor — and against your competitors —by employing point-of-purchase motivation. Begin by larding the physical store environment with visual, tactile reminders as to just why your widgets are a must have buy, right now.

POP offers some of the most exciting merchandising and marketing opportunities available for retailers and manufacturers to establish a connection with consumers.

counter mat is surface laminated with sturdy lexan protection

Counter Mat Impressions
POP creative design is a major part of the purchasing decision. This low adhesion counter mat is laminated to a durable Lexan protective surface to withstand punishment without showing wear.

A Fabulous Design Canvas
Like the man said, "If you can’t say it, you can’t whistle it either." Weak graphics mean your message won’t deliver the needed impact to punch through built-in buyer resistance. When it comes to visual connections, it’s all about graphic design and art direction.

Low tack counter mats are versatile, economical to produce, and, when properly thought out, popular with retailers and interesting to consumers.

Use dimensional and flat POP for one-time promotions, special events, and long-term brand building strategy. Most dealer kits contain a variety of POP offerings, from dangles and wobblers to static cling posters and lo-tack mats. Structural elements might also be included. The goal regardless is one of choice, flexibility, and ease of setup and installation for the retailer.

this banner stands out from across the room

Vibrant Hanging Banner
Two by 5-foot saturated satin hanging banner delivers a durable, high impact, content laden message that’s easily read from across the showroom.

Banners Grab Attention
The world of POP is one of dimensional art, saturated graphics, and compelling design that breaks through the noise and clutter of the average retail environment. Incredibly versatile, there’s a different solution for every situation manufacturers and retailers face today.

In the face of relentless pressure from online web sales, dimensional POP just might be the ace in the hole for manufacturers who also depend on the traditional brick and mortar physical environment to market their goods.

What’s Right For Me?
Is POP expensive? Prices run from modest to wow, especially if a marketer wants to take advantage of the emerging technologies now coming into use.

True 3D graphics, Flash software displays, multi-media electronics — even scent-driven subliminal aroma therapy concepts are finding success on the sales floor. The sky really is the limit, limited only by imagination.

POP manufacturers compete for valuable real estate at the street level and are subject to challenge both on quality and price. There’s always a cheaper alternative from some obscure source, but the result is too often a shoddy, low quality disappointment that subconsciously reflects on the merchandise.

POP’s ability to engage all the senses — sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste — adds a big layer of versatility that delivers a sophisticated subliminal nudge at the checkout counter.

value POP starter kitMake POP Work For You
POP (Point-of-Purchase) may be considered the bread and butter of instore marketing, but it’s far from mundane.

POP offers some of the most exciting merchandising and marketing opportunities available for retailers and manufacturers to establish a connection with consumers.

Want to take advantage of POP’s unique advantages? This value priced 3-piece POP Starter Kit includes the three most sought after items; counter pad, wall poster, and a floor talker, for retailers to employ as a silent sales force. Call for details on quantity or single-store solutions.

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