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PDFs Are A Complete Marketing Format

PDFs are the perfect medium for a variety of marketing functions

The Portable Document Format universally referred to by its PDF acronym was one of the earlest benefits to grow out of publishing digitally to the internet.

Before the web and the introduction of HTML and CSS, online formating and artwork display were virtually nonexistent. The PDFs introduction changed things dramatically, and its many unique advantages remain very much relevant.

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Although early adopters were hampered by molasses slow dialup modem downloads—think hours, maybe days, of imperceptible transfers, not to mention designing and publishing using prehistoric word processors before the introduction of dedicated desktop page layout apps—the excitement of being able to add formatting, typography, color, and images to resemble a print document was real.

The case study below illustrates perfectly why PDFs remain a powerful tool when configured to take advantage of both visual elements and hidden metadata.

PRSA Tampa Bay Chapter March Newsletter

PRSA Tampa Bay Newsmagazine

2012 PRSA Tampa Bay January February 2012 newsletter PRSA Tampa Bay March April 2012 newsletter download your copy
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2010 prsa tampa bay newsletter july august 2010 prsa tampa bay newsletter sept-oct 2010 prsa tampa bay newsletter Nov-Dec 2010

In 2010 I tackled the task of transforming PRSA’s Tampa Bay chapter newsletter into an interactive bi-monthly brand asset.

For the next two years I designed, co-wrote, edited, illustrated, and produced Gulf to Bay, using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InDesign, and Dreamweaver to create a modern, digital, multi-page multi-format publication.

Media options for digital communications offer plenty of choices. PDFs are the most versatile for a variety of reasons. Anyone can produce a baseline edition, but optimized versions require the right tools and techniques.

Say No To Restaurant Menus

Although most often viewed as clunky restaurant menu Word to PDF via desktop printer downloads (use a dedicated HTML web page instead) and product instruction manuals for everything from washing machines to lawnmowers, a properly set up PDF is perfect for both internal and external employee, membership, and marketing communications.

Because modern browsers can all display PDFs, financial statement downloads are one of the most common uses of the medium. And there isn’t a medical practice in the country that doesn’t offer an often frustrating intake form published to PDF.

Read more about winning strategies behind digital communications formats here, explore my original newsmagazine campaign brand building for PRSA Tampa Bay here, and view promo illustration on Behance.

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