Siebenthaler Creative specializes in pr, advertising, graphic design and social media solutions

visual+verbal+digital: It takes a village to communicate effectively. I’ve been building mine for awhile. It’s a comfortable place to live, not too formal, where tradition’s respected, visitors are welcomed, and curiosity is encouraged.

Main Street’s within easy walking distance. Public relations and advertising offer plenty of parking, while the social media kids share loft space with web content and POP.

If you’re looking for professional cross channel talent that includes digital media, pr, copywriting, graphic design, site content, online marketing, and event support, drop by for a visit and I’ll show you around.

I develop engaging content for a range of media, from web to POP to collateral to advertising. This collection of case studies and columns highlight a few of my solutions. Find out more here and here.

Brand Awareness CASE STUDY: PDF
A single page case study demonstrating my marketing event, POP concepts, and PR strategies for effectively managing brand promotion.

Web 2.0 and beyond: Image And Your URL
I see effectiveness and value as more about quick reaction and less about layers of organization. My ongoing Social Media Overview looks at evolving strategies for developing a coherent online digital presence.

pr CASE STUDY: leveraging media relationsPDF
I took advantage of media contacts and deadline driven creative and production to extend a product conversation beyond expected limits.

Product publicity CASE STUDY: PDF
This product press release illustrates interactive techniques I’ve developed to make client information more accessible for both media and online search.

Branding: Two Views
Two articles on Hampton Inn and Target Stores break down consumer marketing from a personal perspective. Whether it’s called (now) branding or (then) positioning really doesn’t matter — results are what count.

continuing education
I regularly attend seminars, trade events, conferences, press functions and webinars for the pleasure and purpose of keeping up-to-date on contemporary trends, techniques and practices.