Monthly Archives: October 2008

pepsi pops for new look

We’re on the side that says the jury’s still out on Pepsi’s latest logo revision. Gone is the 3-D look, as is the all caps logotype that’s been in use since 1962.

Pepsi’s revisited their image 11 times over their century plus history of serving a frosty alternative to That Other Cola. Cost to revamp, according to Ad Age, is $1-mil plus for the design, but implementation will likely be well in excess of two hundred million by the time all the signage and applications are accounted for and delivered.

The lesson here is that shareholders wouldn’t sit still for an instant if the revamp didn’t have a dollars and sense basis. In other words, logos aren’t carved in stone these days. It’s pixels and plastic and the right look means more cha-ching at the end of the day.

obama marketer of the year

To paraphrase, marketing makes strange bedfellows. The Assoc. of National Advertisers named presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama Marketer of the Year at their annual meeting in Orlando, FL two weeks ago.

Though not unanimous, Obama’s 36-percent of the votes cast by the 750 CMOs in attendance eclipsed runner-up Apple’s 27-percent. Nike, shoe retailer Zappos and Coors were also in the mix, while the McCain campaign managed a 4.5-percent showing. (One thing’s for sure: after this election you’d better have a grasp of e-mail knowledge and computer literacy.

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home teams double up

Sunday night a little over a week ago I was in one of my top five eating, drinking and hanging out spots, the bar of Sammy’s Grill in Zachary, Louisiana, busily gettin’ down on a plate of catfish and crawfish.

On the hi-def screen in front of me the Tampa Bay Bucs were shoving the Seahawks around on Sunday Night Football. Over my shoulder the (Tampa Bay) Rays, mercifully shortened from the previous God-awful Devil Rays coined under former no fun allowed owner Vince Naimoli, were sewing up the ALCS with a final game whuppin’ of the Red Sox that would match them up in a series setup against the Phillies, which – as luck would have it – train just up the road in Clearwater

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pickens plan proves populist

There’s a lot to mull over when T. Boone Pickens starts pushing his part public service, mostly private profit plan for achieving energy independence.

What I like, aside from the mostly common sense approaches to a rational energy policy, is the sophistication of the site itself.

Public relations? This campaign defines the genre. He’s out to change the way our country thinks, and he’s having some success.

Web design? Over the top. Clever and sophisticated without seeming elitist, the modules are quick to load and nothing short of brilliant in execution.

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pop art part two

Our followup to POP Part One, which features background on structural merchandising elements, continues the theme of how best to use point of purchase materials to boost sales and manage brands.

The opportunities to utilize POP are endless, but the most popular applications include banners, pop-ups and counter mats. We examine all three for effectiveness and ROI.

Head over to the main web site for an inside view of the fascinating world of POP.