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an honest product

a perfect combination of flavor, value and integrity

It’s a lucky day when I discover product integrity, honesty, marketing savvy and economy in the humblest of packages. Blue Runner Foods cans beans, Creole sauces, and chili components at their Gonzales, Louisiana facility just off Interstate 10 halfway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. This is the only product carried by my local (Florida) Winn Dixie, but all their varieties are available on their online store.

The thing about red beans and rice as a staple is that preparation isn’t difficult. It does take some time, but unless you’re planning on feeding a junior high football team, it’s not really conducive to small batch quantities. I like mine simmered with a little chopped andouille.

After that, there’s not much else to say. Their web site is basic: down to earth, practical, easy to navigate and to the point. They process and can food. Nothing could be simpler, so why complicate matters?

home teams double up

Sunday night a little over a week ago I was in one of my top five eating, drinking and hanging out spots, the bar of Sammy’s Grill in Zachary, Louisiana, busily gettin’ down on a plate of catfish and crawfish.

On the hi-def screen in front of me the Tampa Bay Bucs were shoving the Seahawks around on Sunday Night Football. Over my shoulder the (Tampa Bay) Rays, mercifully shortened from the previous God-awful Devil Rays coined under former no fun allowed owner Vince Naimoli, were sewing up the ALCS with a final game whuppin’ of the Red Sox that would match them up in a series setup against the Phillies, which – as luck would have it – train just up the road in Clearwater

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want fries with that?

cover your eyes and don’t read the rest

Harley’s Hog Club notwithstanding, snorting pig brains might cause, among other things, numbness and weakness in the extremities.

According to a story in the Washington Post, some of the folks working at Quality Pork Processor’s “head table” reported the symptoms after, um, using compressed air to remove the deceased porker’s former thought processor, a process referred to as “blowing brains” which researchers now think may have atomized some of the material that was subsequently inhaled.

Everything but the oink? You betcha. The product is shipped to, among other recipients, Korea and China.