obama marketer of the year

To paraphrase, marketing makes strange bedfellows. The Assoc. of National Advertisers named presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama Marketer of the Year at their annual meeting in Orlando, FL two weeks ago.

Though not unanimous, Obama’s 36-percent of the votes cast by the 750 CMOs in attendance eclipsed runner-up Apple’s 27-percent. Nike, shoe retailer Zappos and Coors were also in the mix, while the McCain campaign managed a 4.5-percent showing. (One thing’s for sure: after this election you’d better have a grasp of e-mail knowledge and computer literacy.

Why the huge number for someone who was virtually unknown four years ago? In short, web 2.0. Virtually all pointed to the unprecedented use of social networking to build a virtual web of connectivity throughout the country.

Rodale Press’ VP-Marketing Solutions Angus Macaulay said that, “…it’s (the web site) created the tools to let people get engaged very easily.”

Is there a lesson the powersports community can draw from one of soon to be many nods to the expertise of the Obama marketing solution? Here’s one: think web not for economic reasons, but for social outreach.

As print’s struggles to remain viable continue to generate headlines – yesterday’s news that the Christian Science Monitor was shutting down their daily edition after a century of publishing was the latest white flag – the high ground will go to those who can follow marketing’s new road map.