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temp tattoos from tattly

no committment, no worries

Tattly, the latest effort from talented designer and founder of Swiss Miss graphics blog Tina Eisenberg, offers witty, low cost personal entertainment and a tempting opportunity for powersports brand and marketing managers.

The collection of expertly designed messages and icons includes “knucks,” the answered prayer for every personal injury attorney who enjoys masquerading on weekends as a Sons of Anarchy patchholder. Add fighting rings and you’re done.

obama marketer of the year

To paraphrase, marketing makes strange bedfellows. The Assoc. of National Advertisers named presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama Marketer of the Year at their annual meeting in Orlando, FL two weeks ago.

Though not unanimous, Obama’s 36-percent of the votes cast by the 750 CMOs in attendance eclipsed runner-up Apple’s 27-percent. Nike, shoe retailer Zappos and Coors were also in the mix, while the McCain campaign managed a 4.5-percent showing. (One thing’s for sure: after this election you’d better have a grasp of e-mail knowledge and computer literacy.

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guerilla marketing olympic event

guerilla olympic marketing effort wins gold

GM’s Chevy division’s Olympic ad blitz, smart and contemporary, is attracting the buzz. And at $750,000 every prime time 30-seconds, that’s good, especially if you’re curious about the Volt.

But out back of the swim cube, BMW cooked up a tasty little guerilla marketing campaign of their own. That’s a whacked in half MINI Cooper trundling around town behind the front end of what used to be a pedicab.

Which proves – again – the worth of creativity in the right situation. No word, though, on how the a/c’s holding up.