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The History of PR, Ad Specialties and Movie Promo Tie-Ins

Public Relations and Ad Specialties Have a History of Movie Promotion

Before meta tagging and a global recession, YouTube and WWW, the PR specialty recognized as event promotion co-existed comfortably with the generic label “Advertising Specialties” and the all-to-often blank stare items of useless junk offered as engagement bait in monthly catalogs from dozens of merchandisers, ranging from post office box headquartered side gigs to large resellers on the national stage.

Key rings and pens, notepads and refrigerator magnets are top-of-mind when it comes to booth memorabilia and convention mementos. But for one enterprise zone, the movie industry, ad specialties were often the stuff dreams are made of, and represent a time that’s come and gone in the history of promotion.

How YouTube Clobbered the Memorabilia Industry

This Twitter account is dedicated to preserving what product promotion looked like for big budget Hollywood releases from the ’80s to the oughts, when giveaways faced no testing for conversion and spending limits were non-existent. Underwear, berets, snack foods, cereal, flashlights—if a logo could be stamped, carved, embossed, or shaped, anything in the vast world of consumer merchandise was fair game.

Movie Promotional Merch Unlimited‘s @NightPromoting offers historical insight into the art, not always evident, of adapting movie logos to merchandise well beyond cheap pens and instantly forgettable koozies. The giveaways, targeted to critics for then still powerful national and regional papers, magazines, and on-air broadcasts at the high end to VHS renters at the retail level, didn’t always make marketing sense.

For Promotional Use Only Belongs On Marketeers Bookshelves

Content creator/marketing indy shop A24 is a master at generating word-of-mouth for their products, and they’re also an archival site preserving memories of promotions ranging from Crocodile Dundee to The Color Purple. Their bookshelf worthy overview of film marketing is a 230-page plus hardcover history of memorable campaigns. For Promotional Use Only, which catalogs the Golden Age of tchotchkes from 1975-2005, is a treasure trove of both history and inspiration.

marketing essentials: point of contact info

grow financial's earth day promo

I celebrated Earth Day 2013 by dropping by the local branch of Grow Financial, a local federal credit union, prompted by their attractive back page print promotion in the Tampa Bay Times offering free slash pines (limit five – while supplies last.)

I planned my pickup to coincide with a local account pitch that morning, and was relieved at the lack of cars in the parking lot, indicating a short wait time. Their new branch office was a pleasant blend of refreshing graphics and smiling faces.

grow-financial-IMG_0132Waving their ad in my hand I walked towards the receptionist to claim my prize and was surprised when the only interaction was her announcement that instead of the promised five seedlings the promo was limited to two. Still very much worth the effort. To me, if not marketing.

Because that’s where my point-of-contact began and ended. Directed to the box of pine lifts bagged and ready for retrieval behind her desk, I grabbed my reward for showing up and left just as quickly as I entered. No registration kiosk, form, or social media signup. No harvesting of email or local address. Not even a card drop. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, far from it. Just a big surprise from the standpoint of someone who sees opportunity unfulfilled.

On my own I grabbed their services brochure from the take-away wall board on the way out, but in the meantime this well intentioned promo fell surprisingly short on the followup.

new google search challenges content

to earn google rank, get busy with content

Google’s latest product is their highly engineered search algorithm Knowledge Graph. Exactly how it works is a mystery, but best guesses are a wide ranging capability to reference major data sites, including Wikipedia, using a predictive intelligence that intuits a user’s intent beyond the specific search query. I’m just assuming this thing’s got artificial intelligence down cold and am preparing new content accordingly while retrofitting the archives to conform.

Read If Google Can’t Find You, Your Market Never Will for tips on how to upgrade your content and create a strategy for search success.

temp tattoos from tattly

no committment, no worries

Tattly, the latest effort from talented designer and founder of Swiss Miss graphics blog Tina Eisenberg, offers witty, low cost personal entertainment and a tempting opportunity for powersports brand and marketing managers.

The collection of expertly designed messages and icons includes “knucks,” the answered prayer for every personal injury attorney who enjoys masquerading on weekends as a Sons of Anarchy patchholder. Add fighting rings and you’re done.

vespa from oz

New Orleans alternative radio station WWOZ – one of my top five internet faves for the hippest in blues and jazz and the only consistent source for cajun, zydeco and swamp rock – is raffling off this icon of scooterdom, complete with autographs, to one lucky ticket buyer come May 9, 2009

Donated by The Transportation Revolution, New Orleans franchise dealer for Ducati, Triumph, Piaggio and Vespa, this kind of promotional tie-in is perfect for dealerships in need of a marketing shot in the arm. Go here to see how the station’s doing their part in making sure this Vespa is seen around town.

Signers (so far) include Terence Blanchard, Randy Newman, Irma Thomas, Marcia Ball and Dr. John, along with assorted Nevilles and a bevy of other notables.