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clever cause pr marketing

graphic design stars in this video

Much of the charm of this effective cause pr video for the Marin County California School District is due to its simplicity, but there’s nothing simple about the concept, great graphic design or production quality. The quick pace and easy to follow graphics are perfectly on target, delivering a powerful message on the importance of public education in a budget challenged environment. Bonus points for a soundtrack that taps into Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring for emotional nudge.

bmw summons orwell in fresh ad effort

In yet another example of how outclassed domestic powersports marketing is, now comes this head-turner from BMW Germany in the form of what could be tagged an alternative form of neuromarketing. The spot stars factory Superbike rider Ruben Xaus onboard an S1000RR in a black and white film noire quick cut that by itself is less than remarkable. Pretty, pouty, and predictable.

but on the other hand

The other hand is a fascinating little tidbit of technology more amusing than motivational. Using what appears to be relatively simple rear screen technology to flash project a logo, the spot, by German uber agency serviceplan, creates an afterimage on the retinas of the audience. Yeah, it’s going to get attention.

A BMW spokeswoman said, “We literally got inside people’s heads, involving them instead of boring them and generating a more intensive connection to our target group. Our brand should be innovative, emotional and dynamic.”

Hmmm. Given how twitchy German bureaucracy is about any kind of Orwellian influencers, let alone a method requiring YOU MUST OBEY! to interpret the eyeball afterglow, this may not be a long lasting campaign. But it will be memorable, make no mistake. And as for the subliminal alarmists: uh, if you have to direct behavior to experience behavior, it’s not.

quit picking up mud

When I see efforts like this, efforts that accept the challenge of creatively differentiating the brand from the same old same old, I say hell yes, go for it! Like Leo Burnett famously said, “When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

buell brand warrior bites back

ouch! this buell brand warrior skewers the motor company

This bullseye parody by halfthrottle over on YouTube has garnered nearly 150,00 views since it was posted on May 24th, and though Harley’s flailing marketing isn’t specifically called out, it’s a broad – and accurate – indictment of a brand that can’t decide what it should be.

It isn’t until the final frame that the impetus links back to Harley throwing Buell under the bus in 2009. But regardless of the inspiration, there’s no way to argue with the summary judgement of a powerful brand that’s been drifting on the wind for the past three decades. And that’s now paying what may be the ultimate penalty for a status quo strategy.

tabasco sauces it up

clever marketing - live mardi gras as it happenstwitter-er Tom Martin hooked up with sponsor Tabasco to bring live guerilla cam Mardi Gras action direct to screen at his microsite MyMardiGras Experience. Tom’s a NOLA agency guy who this day busied himself cam-corder-ing a live stream of the Mystic Krewe of Barkus or some such promenading down the side streets by dozens of the city’s finest pooches.

volkswagen me a tune

Volkswagen Sweden’s gotten plenty of attention for their DDB created spot featuring a Stockholm subway, an escalator, and a giganourmous set of stairway piano keys ready to be trod upon.

This is just plain good stuff, showing – again – how much a role creativity plays in shaping and directing behavior. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead. Smile at your inner self. And thanks again to advertising for contributing to the best that’s in us.

what this industry needs…

[qt:/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/ad_suzukibikes_dogwalking.mov 320 240]

…is a good strong dose of sense of place. Too bad we don’t see more entertaining content on this side of the pond – blame it on to sober, to somber, to self-important pseudo-creatives all overreaching to showcase the next cirque du soleil meets terminator product positioning footage. You know – pull back from scruffy boy beard, quick cut to black boot over saddle, c/u thumb on starter, cut to pipes, insert chest full of fake boobs, off into the sunset on a two-lane strip of gleaming asphalt. Enough!

virulent viral video

This YouTube hit monster – over 5 million as of this post – is one of those oddities the web’s (in)famous for. As viral goes it’s out of the park. I’ve seen it mentioned just this week in both the New York Times and Ad Age, a quinella that doesn’t happen every day.

It’s just your average guy – he could be the greeter at TGIF – performing a slightly goofy dance in 40-plus locales around the world. That’s it. Amy Winehouse should be so lucky.

The point being that young Matt’s sole sponsor, Stride Gum, is getting hit on like Jessica Simpson at a bachelor party. You can’t predict viral – and you can’t, as they say, buy this kind of publicity. But we’d like to think we can help.

where creative juice really comes from

England’s South West Creative Growers’ Association finally pulled back the wraps and let the world see where some of the finest ideas on the planet come from. We learn that freshly squeezed creative juice should never be consumed without first diluting – and that you really can’t go wrong with a good idea.

Creativity – where nature meets the needs of a thirsty globe. If they’re out of fresh juice where you normally shop we always rotate our stock.