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the ad harley should have made

jeep would settle for just a little respect

As The Motor Company continues to lurch from marketing pillar to advertising post, this new message for Jeep Chrysler nicely summons the Zeitgeist Harley historically fails to communicate. The 60-second ad from Wieden+Kennedy (Nike) introduces Jeep’s new slogan, “The Things We Make, Make Us.” Wow. Perfect. And perfectly positioned. Continue reading

buell brand warrior bites back

ouch! this buell brand warrior skewers the motor company

This bullseye parody by halfthrottle over on YouTube has garnered nearly 150,00 views since it was posted on May 24th, and though Harley’s flailing marketing isn’t specifically called out, it’s a broad – and accurate – indictment of a brand that can’t decide what it should be.

It isn’t until the final frame that the impetus links back to Harley throwing Buell under the bus in 2009. But regardless of the inspiration, there’s no way to argue with the summary judgement of a powerful brand that’s been drifting on the wind for the past three decades. And that’s now paying what may be the ultimate penalty for a status quo strategy.

harley charts new, uh, territory

Curious about the new ’09 Nightster I instinctively Googled “Brazilian waxing” and wasn’t disappointed for my effort when this smart little banner popped up.

This is the kind of synergy that can only happen when you combine a healthy interest in stylized female hygiene and Sportsters. Thanks to the web, TMC can parse their market finer than frog hair. Or similar.

Was this serendipity or a carefully laid Google adsense trap? Either way, we’ll keep searching. The truth is out there.