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Using SEO to Successfully Grow Local Business

jack the shop dog

Jack, the Jack Russel terrier that owned the shop, quickly became the face of the brand and was successfully incorporated across all social channels.

Local SEO Grows This Austin Plumbing Contractor’s Business

Locally focused social media marketing and local SEO is the great equalizer that enables independent retailers and service providers to compete against major national brands and regional franchises. The reality, though, is that for many, using Google to gain advantage all too often ends up being occasional posts to a personal Facebook page.

Projects included the design and implementation of an original brand identity, a website, a self-hosted blog, several social channels maintained with both created and curated content, publicity and promotion, and one-off design projects.

Last spring a 10-year relationship with Austin, TX plumbing contractor Wilson Plumbing came to an end. During that time, a company with no prior social footprint, no internet presence, and no paid marketing or advertising, grew to over $2M in sales, all derived from a narrowly defined by zip code local market of a relatively few square miles. Continue reading

web w.o.m. – careful what you wish for

You! Customer! So What!

Will anyone, anywhere, ever say anything nice about Delta again? The answer is… no. Never. Just when I thought the statue of limitations on self-inflicted airline stupidity had run out after the Pringles/Virgin Air episode, Delta’s merger completion with Northwest last January actually signaled a fresh round of lowering the bar of customer expectations to depths previously unknown.

Reporting for Feministe, Jill Filipovic hit the mother lode of original travel horror story source material on her recent “trip” to Austin’s famously famous SXSW. Lucky for Delta, Jill’s a lawyer with a samurai writer’s instinct.

So even though the year’s still young, here’s my nomination for Best of Show – Travel Horror Stories (Domestic). Turn off the phone, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy.