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online spending: search vs. display

The gap in spending between online search and online display is closing, and quickly, according to this June, 2011 forecast by online marketing firm eMarketer.

While search captured the early sweepstakes as the category offering the best ROI, that out-of-the-gate lead is narrowing. The prediction now is that sometime in mid-2014 the advantage will shift to display as the favored category, coupled with analysis that shows overall growth slowing from a 2011 high of 20.2% ($31.3B) to a 2015 assumption of 8.8% ($49.5B), nearly doubling today’s spending.

Technology, opportunity, metrics and platforms are all reasons for this growth. The opportunities presented by mobile coupled with the emergence of HTML5 and a host of other visual solutions likely account for the change in velocity.

sales lost – here’s why

Consumer measurement firm J.D. Powers just released the first of a two-part survey on the state of bike sales in today’s dismal economic times. The major metrics focus on negative dealership issues and boil down to price, inventory shortage and experiential  issues.

In reverse order, pollsters racked up a disappointment among potential buyers over the ability to test ride, lack of a comprehensive floor plan and the major catchall, pricing and negotiation.

We’ll go one further and list the in-store experience as a major contributor to the above specifics. When a multi-line, multi-location dealership like this local example fails to cover their model lineup – not one dual sport on the floor – while welcoming traffic with a Sam’s Club warehouse environment, what’s to like?

Parking a camo sXs in the grass as a marketing crutch doesn’t exactly cut it in this day and age of consumer first, last and always awareness. Look closely and you’ll see a polypropelene wreath tie-wrapped to the nose. More disguise – who wouldn’t get drawn in by this kind of invisible dimensional drive-by attraction?