bp names disaster insider to deflect critics

bp’s above ground blunders rival undersea disaster

What are they thinking? Every single time BP head Tony Hayward opens his mouth it’s only to change feet! Now comes news that the geniuses behind what’s shaping up to be the most inept crisis management since the birth of the genre have hired one of the key architects of an industrial disaster that’s quickly approaching the incalculable damage stage.

During the Bush-Cheney administration – and given the way this is turning out “administration” may well have to be reconsidered – Anne Womack-Kolton hauled water as Cheney’s campaign press secretary before graduating to the Department of Energy where she led the office of Public Affairs.

Fair to say she has a pretty good idea of where the bodies are buried and the precise address of the closet containing the skeletons. Here’s hoping Ms. Womack-Kolton gets an A ticket straight to the grand jury that’s forming to consider what is shaping up to be the greatest peacetime industrial mauling of the environment on record.

With over 30% – so far – of the entire Gulf of Mexico closed to commercial and recreational fishing, it’s a good bet the irony’s not lost on Saddam Hussein during his tour of Hell.