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events and happenings
powersports marketing news and views events and happenings
events and happenings
the role of social media in a business environment
events and happenings
from SEMA customs to offroad in the Sierras, Indy Expo to hot rods in Orlando
social media events and columns social media strategies explained

social media basics

What’s behind a social media workflow more…

why file size is the correct metric file size – not dpi

Why file size, not resolution, is like a bucket of water more…

featured blog entries

bacon 24/7? why not! here's the story

how pr works

Bacon 24/7? Here's the story of how and why more…

customer service not always guaranteed

customer service

Two high end retailers have different outcomes more…

paper swatchbook cabinet a relic from the past

relic from the past

My swatch book paper cabinet has stories to tell more…

the day of the facebook google showdown has arrived

facebook vs. google

G+ is hardly going away - what you should know more…

I provide quality content for web and print

benefits of online newsrooms

well designed newsrooms deliver long term benefits

Content consumers are looking for much more than “For Immediate Release.” Coke rattled windows by phasing out the traditional press release and introducing a comprehensive online newsroom. more…

the site manager’s role

Site management contractors fail to update content

Whether you manage your own site or, more likely, contract out the responsibility, taking care of business is critical. When accountability fails, reputation fails as well. Case study explores what not to do. more…

Drop me a line for a winning social media marketing strategy. content creation and management

creative tools and techniques


pdfs are a great marketing tool with hidden SEM benefits

Unlike email newsletters, PDFs pack SEM punch more…

web design

flats fishing charter needed mini site, social strategy

Florida fishing charter brochure microsite more…


custom designed trade show booth exhibit

Custom trade show 3-D display featured Chemetal veneers as a dimensional focal point that stopped traffic in the aisles. more…

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