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sponsor scores marketing slamdunk

sponsor marketing doesn't get any betterDespite a noticeable downturn in entries (28 qualifiers), Saturday’s American Le Mans Series 12 Hours of Sebring broadcast on Speed was one of the best live motorsports productions I’ve seen.

Lack of traffic probably had something to do with the record-setting pace, which isn’t to discount the all out tech battle between the diesel-powered P1s of Peugeot (V-12 coupe) and Audi (V-10 roadster) and Honda’s amazing CAD-to-track Acura. Continue reading

don’t look now, but…

loading up the belgium eye cameraNews from north of the border includes Canadian Rob Spence’s plans to secretly tape (sic) documentaries using his newly developed bionic eyeball, which replaces the one that was shot up in a childhood hunting accident and removed three years ago.

Turns out, Rob’s a fan of the nin-in-nin-na-na-na series “The Six Million Dollar Man” which featured Lee Majors running in sloooow-mowwww-shuuun but not talking that way. I’ve always wondered why that was.

Anyway, Rob wants to open everyone’s eyes, as it were, to the spread of urban surveillance, which in and of itself ain’t so funny. So the next time you’re in the mall shopping with the wife and kids and the hairs on the back of your neck begin to tingle because, you know, it feels like someone’s staring at you. Well, it’s probably because someone is.

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common sense…just isn’t

free the tykes! let 'me ride, we sayCycle World editor David Edwards bells the cat with his web preview of May’s editorial on the unintended consequences of the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s ban on lead-containing products used by children.

Meanwhile, offroad star and industry icon Malcolm Smith has scheduled a media event/protest/back at ya for Thursday, March 19, at his dealership to highlight the problem faced by hundreds of dealers and thousands of enthusiasts nationwide as a result of the lead ban. Continue reading

it’s in the bag – right?

from crumpler (uk) this stylish accessory stands outWe don’t think of ourselves as being in the bag biz, and Lord knows in this industry there’s no shortage of backpacks with which to haul your remote office to the middle of the desert and back.

On the other hand, sometimes you’ll find yourself in a public venue that doesn’t particularly value the Explorer scout image of a pedestrian hiking a trade show’s endless aisles in search of stuff to haul home and one more badge in the process to appreciate the role style plays as we all engage in individual brand management. Put another way, dork equals dork in every language.

Crumpler’s a British outfit with a really nifty line of accessory sacks and packs of all colors and sizes. Stylishly ergonomic, the multiple lines are just the thing for breaking from the pack and finding a better solution at the same time. And we can say without fear of contradiction, they’ve got one of the more intriguing Flash driven sites – heavy on the overkill maybe, but a definite step up and great to explore if you’ve got a day or two to kill.

chrome bags has a distinctive line of purpose-built backpacksCloser to home, and a bit more edgy, is the spec-design line of hard core messenger bags from San Fran’s Chrome Bags shop out West. Form follows function as you’ll discover – built for urban messengers and quickly finding a new following amidst folk who don’t dodge inner city taxis for a living, Chrome delivers edge and purpose at the same time.

Their smart site is a primo example of dual content commercial/social integration, great for trekking around in to see what else is going on in the universe.