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cycle world sold

PARIS  Lagardère SCA today announced a €651M binding offer by Hearst Corporation for the sale of it’s international publishing empire (102 titles in 15 countries), including the industry leader Cycle World brand, part of the HFMUS portfolio of titles.

elle trademark retained

Lagardère would retain control, however, of it’s iconic ELLE trademark, which it will continue to license for various markets including mobile, print and product, and thus benefit from future royalties.

According to the press release, the parties have until Q3 2011 to complete the sale.

tim tebow: just do it just got better

here’s how viral’s done

There’s not much Tim Tebow does that I don’t like. Actually, there’s nothing he does that I don’t like, and a whole lot that I do. His new web site has a fresh look, his YouTube collection’s growing, and he’s keeping his head above water in the Denver altitude.

If this ad was built around anyone else, it would be a laugher. Instead, it just brings a smile to my face. Role model? It doesn’t get any better.

say your neck’s busted in the middle of the woods

who ya gonna call? twitter: a lifeline like no other

This post on USA Today last August got me to thinking. Could this have been me on any number of Cycle World Treks? Well, yes it could, as a matter of fact, given my woeful state of experience and not really that nimble riding style.

The story concerns Leigh Fazzina, a mountain biker in Connecticut who broke her neck on a downhill leg, but could easily apply to any number of scenarios. Being able to tweet when a voice connection is tenuous or impossible becomes a significant asset. Toss in location awareness and you’ve got a very sophisticated rescue tool in your pocket.

via Edelman Digital’s Friday Five

dropbox – the little widget that could

When a buddy in Baton Rouge recomended dropbox, I opened up with a suspicion-based defense of my not really that useful iDisc/ online storage feature as being the same as, before politely thanking him for his interest and filing the info in “maybe later, sometime”. Times change, in this case a few months, and Bob’s your uncle, it works great for a whole bunch of stuff. Plus it’s infinitely better than Apple’s slower than a TSA patdown at a stripper’s convention alternative.

If you at any time need to backup critical data, synch client info, or work online from a remote location, dropbox is for you. Otherwise, just move along.

I could go on, but this Macworld review says it all, better, with examples. Dropbox Review | Macworld Wonder how long before they hook in a mail app to use with?