i’m no nostradamus, but…

Looking back (i.e., hindsight) a blind man on a galloping horse could have seen this coming. I’m talking about Jesse James’ walk this way into “rehab”, although exactly how anyone is “treated” for sex addiction escapes me, unless you’re talking eyelids braced open and eyedrops administered frequently ala “Clockwork Orange” therapy. Well, there’s the ultimate sacrifice, but who wants to go there?

Anyway. In 2000, Sandra Bullock, and this is way before West Coast Choppers rolled into living rooms across America, made a little film called “28 Days“, in which she’s an alcoholic journalist whose life collapses around her in a substance abuse haze. She enters rehab for treatment, a role she researched at real life clinic Sierra Tucson in Arizona. The very same clinic where probably soon to be ex Jesse is reportedly receiving therapy right this minute. But that’s not the story.

Here’s the thing. In the movie, there’s a scene on the clinic grounds where an extra walks by wearing a Quick Throttle t-shirt. A fact I pointed out in 2001 here. And what about Quick Throttle? Edited then by Mike Osborn and Keith Ball, QT had a short but full life out of the Paisano Publications stable of biker and tattoo lifestyle magazines, foremost of which remains Easyriders.

It’s probable that, given wardrobe protocol, the t-shirt in question didn’t make it into the scene by accident.

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