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don’t count email out yet

email will remain as a constant in web connectivityYesterday’s anticipated iPad intro was a major step towards a future imagined by Ben Parr over at Mashable, a world where we stay in touch by bypassing typing in favor of voice-to-text, where we’re surrounded by web connectivity via t.v., cars, and uncomputer like computers, where content evolves from text-driven to video-viewed and where social media becomes the driving force, not the passive voice.

Well. That’s quite a list, and will probably arrive sooner rather than later. In a disapointing Harris poll, two out of five adults no longer read a newspaper. Forty percent, if you’re keeping score. Worse, fewer than 25 percent of 18-34 year olds read a paper. And most readers say they won’t pay for online content.

According to Folio, magazines lost nearly $20 billion with a B in ad revenue last year. Yet despite dismal numbers for traditional mass media, teens and tweens are spending what many see as an unhealthy amount of hours online – by one study, over seven and a half daily spent surfing, gaming, texting and in general being connected.

How’s the mundane notion of email fit into the web world just around the corner? It’s not going away, it’ll just be interpreted differently. Professionally, you’ll still need an address that communicates authority. That’s the topic I tackled in my January newsletter. Read how to build a better trust score with an individualized account of your own.

now that’s viral – coke ‘share’

Simple, smart and effective. Coke (again) shows up with another example of why marketing done right is soooo good. Impressions? If you guessed through the roof, yeah, pretty much.

google likes us – they really like us

google ranking's the goal for search engine optimizationTwo aspects of internet strategy have consistently made headlines in the year just passed: social media and search engine optimization.

We’ve been working hard in both areas and we’re pleased to see our efforts pay off with an earned number three page one ranking for the search term “powersports advertising” (minus the quotes). This is significant because neither “powersports” or “advertising” are part of the site URL.

What’s it mean? That anyone looking for powersports advertising help online will see us in the top five.  Meanwhile we’ve just rebuilt the site and are looking forward to adding new content and interactivity over the next few months. And we’re taking aim on the top spot.

the gorgeousness of dakar/argentina

down a dusty road - with rocks, boulders and bridge trollsThanks to Robin Hartfiel’s forward of powersports photog Joe Bonello’s link to some stunning images at the Getty collection of this year’s Dakar coverage posted at’s sports section. Big thumbs up for their rally listing, as well as other magnificent sports photography under the Big Shots general heading. Big indeed. Check them out.

Photo info: Manuel Jamett of Chile rides his Yamaha motorcycle during the sixth stage of the 2nd South American edition of the Dakar Rally 2010 from Antofagasta to Iquique January 7, 2010. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen (CHILE – Tags: SPORT MOTOR RACING)

more proof: perception is reality

TSA as it's known to passengersfast company’s quick out of the box on the spectacle we’ve come to know as TSA, joining the growing chorus of adults clamoring for a better solution to the critical need for effective, efficient security screening techniques.

Nitpicker and general pain in the ass Christopher Hitchens weighed in with a surprisingly on-target dissection of the agency’s shortcomings in a snarky even by his acerbic standards takedown of TSA’s latest security strategy.

By now it’s pretty clear how the government (for these purposes defined as grandstanding politicians) will react when there’s a crisis, starting with armflapping that’s quickly followed by flapdoodle. I’m simply gobsmacked that the country that won World War II, built a coast to coast interstate highway and then sent humans to the moon’s surface in machines designed with slide rules – for those unfamiliar, just google – and ‘computers’ less powerful than the Timex Ironman watch I wear, is made to look foolish and ineffective in this paramount effort to thwart evil.

Public relations professionals instantly recognize the need for crisis management in the wake of unsympathetic coverage of airport shutdowns and agonizing replays of Continental’s for want of a nail flying episode last summer. We need better. We want better. We deserve better. As fastco clearly points out, “They employ people making $9/hour to defend our national security.”

volkswagen me a tune

Volkswagen Sweden’s gotten plenty of attention for their DDB created spot featuring a Stockholm subway, an escalator, and a giganourmous set of stairway piano keys ready to be trod upon.

This is just plain good stuff, showing – again – how much a role creativity plays in shaping and directing behavior. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead. Smile at your inner self. And thanks again to advertising for contributing to the best that’s in us.