pr, pr, pr – now more than ever

pr-prosAs a member of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) I was able to take in two chapter meetings in the past two weeks; the first in Tampa, hosted by the Florida Public Relations Association, and the second in Baton Rouge, hosted by Public Relations Association of Louisiana. The luncheon gatherings featured web-based communication solutions as their main focus.

In Tampa, the topic was SEO press release content: why you need it, what happens if you don’t have it. In a nutshell, what’s worked for decades in a print only environment is no longer sufficient for making sure a company’s mar-com program reaches the largest possible audience.

That was on Friday. The following Tuesday I was taking notes on the role branding plays in defining a company’s goals and image, and what’s required to define a company/product/message with imaginative branding techniques in a web-centered world.

Both presenters acknowledged the intrinsic role played by the internet in shaping public opinion: the web’s importance in passive or active delivery of your message is unparalleled – and critical to success.