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what this industry needs…

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…is a good strong dose of sense of place. Too bad we don’t see more entertaining content on this side of the pond – blame it on to sober, to somber, to self-important pseudo-creatives all overreaching to showcase the next cirque du soleil meets terminator product positioning footage. You know – pull back from scruffy boy beard, quick cut to black boot over saddle, c/u thumb on starter, cut to pipes, insert chest full of fake boobs, off into the sunset on a two-lane strip of gleaming asphalt. Enough!

pr, pr, pr – now more than ever

pr-prosAs a member of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) I was able to take in two chapter meetings in the past two weeks; the first in Tampa, hosted by the Florida Public Relations Association, and the second in Baton Rouge, hosted by Public Relations Association of Louisiana. The luncheon gatherings featured web-based communication solutions as their main focus. Continue reading

cinco de may-O-mayo

acambaro_001CW Trek pal Steven Soto (second from left) sends his warmest Baja de Mayo regards after a quick weekend spin south of the border. Though not a doctor, and he doesn’t play one on t.v. either, Soto reports that swine flu was easily kept at bay by constant replinishment of the essentials: great trail, good friends, warm hospitality and tequila. As in margarita.

j-school diary: day one, hour one, lesson one

the third rail of headline writingYesterday’s fleeting Yahoo! “most popular” roundup alerted readers to the newest fetish sweeping the country: muggers in need of relief by band instrument. Takeaway: if you can deal with the swelling, the intensity is supposedly worth the humiliation.

This is People’s Exhibit “A”, the dreaded headline faux pas el supremo taught in every college of journalism as the prime example of the unintended consequences of an unintended double entendre, caught in authentic screen shot mode as distributed by AP. We mostly don’t make this stuff up – but are thankful when it happens right in front of us.

PS – NPR’s rewrite: “High School Band Member Thwarts Muggers”

dealer expo – smaller, better

fewer faces, better experienceThis year’s Dealer Expo was a smaller, more efficient version of the past several years. Surprise hit was newly minted Lucas Oil Stadium venue, which just felt better than the creaky dome it replaced.

Expecting the worst, we were pleasantly surprised. Check out our review and highlights from this year’s show.