Monthly Archives: February 2009

dog eat dog? – maybe not

mij's the industry leader in recruitment and hiringNews from Indy – Alex Baylon, creator of the original powersports career destination MIJ – Motorcycle Industry Jobs – on word that show producer Advanstar is cranking up their own job listing service is weighing his options.

Our view is that it’s a free market web world out there, and carbon footprint doesn’t necessarily translate into online heft. People read what they’re familiar with, and corporate size alone doesn’t mean market domination. Craft counts, so does knowledge – and the two aren’t necessarily attributes of a cubicle keyboard address.

bad p.r. – bad, bad p.r.

too much skin? not likelyNow comes Southwest Airline with a nifty promo featuring Sports Illustrated swim more or less suit model and covergirl Bar Refaeli giganto-sized as a plane wrap. Cool. My fantasy is to have a window seat in row 2 right – about – there.

This just after the same airline tried to toss Kyla Ebert off a San Diego to Tuscon hop for wearing considerably more. See how that went over on MSNBC. Guys, get yr message sorted out and hit me back.

source: 5 blogs before lunch