ad spending up, traditional channels suffer

According to last week’s report on the Top 100 Advertiser’s annual ad spending outlays, budgeting in the measured (print, broadcast) categories continued to shrink. Overall spending was up a modest 3.1% to a record $104.8 billion, but the growth areas continue to be in non-measured digital and internet alternatives. In what AdAge authors called a troubling sign, traditional media grew only 0.6%.

Parsing the planet’s number one advertiser’s allocations, Proctor and Gamble’s spending (estimated at $4.9 billion in 2006) was up 15% in non-measured media versus 3.9% in traditional channels, adding even more legitimacy to a mixed media advertising and promotion strategy.

Given Detroit’s significant problems, no surprise learning that automotive spending was down. In the powersports community, consumer print continues to be the media of choice even though a lack of audited titles means results are difficult to quantify. Adding to the confusion is the virtual explosion of new titles with no track records to support their claimed audiences.

Conclusion? Coming up with a comprehensive media plan that actually hits the existing market and targets emerging ones becomes more and more problematic. Better sharpen up that spreadsheet.