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creativity counts – woo-hoo!

Just ask Starch Reports, the respected measurement arm of GfK Custom Research responsible for tracking and measuring ad effectiveness. In a nutshell:

No surprise that powersports (consumer/enthusiast) media tends to fall in the high involvement category of readership. But just because readers are engaged with the magazine doesn’t mean advertisers can count on Pavlovian ad responses.
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ktm apb – you might be dribbling

Notice of a KTM gas tank (“…allowing fuel to leak and posing a fire hazard”) seal recall for off-road model years 2005-2007. Contact dealer, check the web site, or call 888-985-6090.

off on the way wrong track

honey, I think I just ran over something. did you feel anything?

My hometown St. Pete Times reported yesterday what they breathlessly described as the nifty-neato solution to gas pump sticker shock, shown here defying what’s often referred to as common sense.
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soto racing sights set on baja 500

soto racing passing on the outside

On June 2nd Steven Soto, Ryan Hanna and Jim MacArthur line up with nearly 500 other entries in for the 2007 Baja 500, riding Soto Racing’s immaculate Pro Class 21x XR650R.

Steven pre-ran the course, which starts/finishes in Ensenada, Baja California, a few weeks back and reported an extra 1/4 mile thrown in along the coastline, along with the always welcome cacti in case you’re prone to daydreaming.

sema – the ultimate aftermarket show

SEMA - the ultimate aftermarket show

I’ve just posted my web account of what it’s like to be a freshly minted initiate to the SEMA aftermarket trade event. Words aren’t enough. Neither are pix – this show dwarfs anything I’d previously attended.

I’ve been asked a few times about what SEMA (and Globalshop, PRI, etc.) have to do with our powersports industry. My answer is – everything.

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internet entertainment at risk – urgent

The Federal Trade Commission, in another spasm of stupidity rivaling the wardrobe malfunction punititive punishment crackdown on wayward nippledom, decided that all that great music streaming over the internet needed to be compensated.

So they came up with a lunatic royalty scheme that will effectively shut down the most original formats since the days of fm infancy come this July 15.

I think Clear Channel’s got ’em on the payroll. Whatever. If you’ve ever listened, and enjoyed, New Orleans WWOZ, Cal State’s K-Jazz or via your iTunes radio channel, then check out for details. The countdown’s getting closer.

“we don’t sell tic-tacs…

Thank You For Smoking

…we sell cigarettes. And they’re cool, and they’re available, and they’re addictive. The job is almost done for us.” BR, the head of the Academy of Tobacco Studies, goes to work on his media star, Nick Naylor, in this sharp, sassy sendup of pr flacks in 2006’s “Thank You for Smoking”.

Funny, clever, and dead-on accurate in it’s portrayal of anything for a buck, er, mortgage, this film, along with it’s bookend from 1993, “Barbarians at the Gate”, skewers Big Tobacco in a fast-paced mockumentary that introduces viewers to the MOD Squad: tobacco, alchohol and firearms, aka the Merchants of Death.

It’s all good, especially when you can be entertained and educated at the same time. Highly recommended for any company that finds itself – or wants to be – in front of the camera to make their case. This is how it’s done.

get checked early – while you can

Yesterday’s news about the passing of industry columnist and icon John Wyckoff over the weekend means one less qualified curmugeon to poke and prod powersport’s decision makers.

Mr. Wyckoff’s message never shied from revealing the lack of emporer’s clothing, and wasn’t remiss in acknowledging enlightened management practices either.

Most importantly, though, his final message may be to serve as a stark reminder to men about the importance of prostate exams and early treatment. His family asks that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the Prostate Cancer Support Association of New Mexico. You can find out more about the disease by checking the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s web site.

This cancer is treatable, but only if detected. Use the web, read the literature and discuss with your doctor or urologist. Get tested, get examined, get informed.

going once…twice…sold!

AdvertisingAge today reports the $1.2 B-as-in-billion sale of Primedia’s Enthusiast media devision to Florida-based investor group Source Interlink, which is in turn controlled by Yucaipa Cos., a supermarket-holding company owned by billionaire Ron Burkle.

The package includes over 70 magazines, more than 90 web sites, in excess of 400 branded products and 40-plus events.

For our purposes, it means venerable two-wheeled pubs from Motorcyclist to Street Chopper now have new owners.
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how much is…that!

For retailers and, to a lesser extent, manufacturers, pricing’s taking on a whole new dimension. Old: cost to manufacture/cost of goods plus markup equals wholesale/retail. New: run it through the price optimization program while you sit back with a Starbucks triple mocha latte and a Krispy Kreme.
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