Monthly Archives: April 2007

meanwhile, north of the border

Canadian Powersport TradeAnother new entry (or re-entry) into the powersports trade books now circulating is Canadian Powersport Trade, a bi-monthly resurrected from the former Motorsport Dealer and Trade and aiming for a stronger presence in the leisure wheeled field.

rate ’em, dan-oh

Fact: 32 per cent of commercial airtime is devoted to commercials.

Fact: if we can skip through them, we do.

What’s to be done? The traditional model for ad base rates stems from program demos and ratings. The new model could switch to ad content based ratings instead. In other words, if networks were paid by ad favorables instead of gross program viewership, then it’s a whole new ball game.
Look for networks, working with rating services, to start factoring ad content as rated by viewers. Result? Ads with high positives get better position. Got a crummy ad not even your mother likes? It won’t be dragging down the program content with it if this new plan works out.

Advertisers whose ad content is graded highly by viewers wins. If you’re tired of Head-On and Depends, then their future could be in your resourceful hands, so the next time you get a chance to zap or view, make sure it’s a dog before you skip.

meanwhile, back at the beach

The crew at The Shop is hosting their 9th Annual Back to the Beach Kustom Kulture Festival April 21st. Time’s short, it’s just around the corner, at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Oh, and guess what? No tow or trailer ins! Yup, if you’re going to enter, you’re going to ride/drive/push.

bud tv – alternative alternative?

Budweiser’s celebrated $30-million push into internet media over at is a looker for several reasons. Rich content defined, it may well be a glimpse at the immediate future of the internet, at the expense of the networks and cable. It’s certainly a lot easier to remember “” than to keep track of every over-the-air and cable program sponsored by Bud if you’re hooked on their message. If it’s this good in the beginning, it’ll only get better down the road.

tip: check out the fake celeb salon spoof — then think of that the next time you’re forced to choose between bottled or tap in front of strangers.

did you know…

That nearly half of e-mail subscribers purchases are influenced in their decision making by e-mail? That’s a qualified summary, conditional on the kind of content received and the relevance of the content. But it’s too large a percentage to dismiss as irrelevant, regardless of the actual number cited.

Keep in mind thats a measurement of subscribers, not just receivers who may be on a forward or broadcast list. But regardless of what’s parsed, one major conclusion is that ignoring your web visitors by not capturing data and sign-up info and then following up with rich content media delivery may be sacrificing a significant revenue stream.