Monthly Archives: March 2007

globalshop ’07 – christmas in march


(LAS VEGAS, NV) Just back from the 2007 edition of Globalshop that took place March 7th-9th. If you’re in the visual marketing business, this is like being stranded in Santa’s workshop and all the goodies are yours to keep.

What’s it about? Anything and everything having to do with retail marketing — print, digital, dimensional, audio — Globalshop puts it all out on one floor, and you’d better be wearing track shoes to keep up.

We’ll put a full report up on the web site later, along with a short slide show. For now the excitement’s still palpable, reviewing the fascinating methodology behind the manipulation of consumer instincts. Say what? Ka-ching ka-ching, that’s what.

desert roundup

ok, there's an in-n-out just around the corner

Desert rat pal Steven Soto paired up with buddy Ryan Hanna and his feel good team of sand hogs for the last minute start swap March 9-11 Baja 250. And even though the 13th place finish out of 16 Pro class starters wasn’t in the single digits, it was a success nonetheless for the XR650R mounted duo.

Steven’s site is up, still a work in progress. Check out for a super-sano look at off-road bike prep.