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the original love-hate relationship?

Yesterday’s Ad Age Daily contained the disturbing news that only 21% — twenty-one percent! — of marketers (clients) would recommend their own agency to others! This dismal revelation was joined by the equally distressing stat that fully 76% had no way to measure their agency ROI.

Measurement’s a great concept when you’re trying on shoes but considerably less useful when it’s time to pick shoe style or color. Conclusion? Shoe doesn’t fit — should have measured more carefully. Shoe looks ugly — next time take your wife along and don’t trust the salesman.

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turn up the volume

Horsepower Marketing’s Jeff Najar tracked me down for a 15-minute podcast at Dealernews’ 39th Annual Dealer Expo. During the Q&A we talked about differences between my first recollections of the ’60s card table and construction paper events and today’s massive shows.

I was also given a soapbox to reflect on the impact contemporary marketing techniques can and will have on consumer powersports buying as they’re exposed to effective point of purchase strategies.

blink and it’s gone

Hot on the heels of Google’s mega-buck (what isn’t these days) takeover of YouTube comes the not totally unexpected revelation that Google will begin filtering content to protect © material using new technology to head off disputes.

Practical effect, not much. Workarounds are available to view that bootleg video. In the end it could have a positive impact by cleaning up posts from non-content creators.

sea change at indy – dealers diversify

ktm all stars harden, blais and lafferty

The KTM Adventure Tour crew of Scot Harden, 2006 third place Dakar podium finisher Chris Blais and Mike Lafferty graced the Techmount booth with a bike and plenty of stories about adventures past and yet to come.

Chris is a tremendously gifted athlete whose representation of the United States in the recently concluded Dakar is a credit to his country and his sport. Chris plans for ’07 include the SCORE Baja 250, next month, and a pretty active race schedule throughout the rest of the year.

A winter wonderland welcomed over 20,000 attendees to the 39th Annual Dealernews Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis February 16th-19th. Winter wonderland? Winter deepfreeze, which earlier in the week virtually shut down surface transportation throughout the area.

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photoshop to the rescue

photoshop saves the day

[Manipulated image, left, uses pro tricks and Photoshop’s built-in filters to even out flaws in original, right.)

Even though art directors always want images shot on a two-wall cyc, it’s not always that easy. For those difficult shots to make it into print, it’s Photoshop to the rescue.

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hey! it was a lot colder in indianapolis!

baggers provided plenty of eye candy

That was the message displayed on one t-shirt as the 7th Annual V-Twin Expo hit Cincy February 3-5, and the forecast was pretty obvious. It’s back to baggers as booth after booth featured what it takes to get Granpa’s sled past the rope line. Paint, pipes, bags, fairings, seats. Even talk of open belt primarys — of course with floorboards — all with one goal in mind. Reclaiming some degree of practicality without sacrificing style. And with all the additional real estate, paint’s got a lot bigger canvas to take advantage of.

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horse/bc smoke ’em if ya got ’em

horse/bc's 8th annual homage to roots rock and chops

The smoke out who’s yr daddy cats are putting it together for another round. The 8th annual horse/bc’s homage to roots rock and chops kicks off next June, perfectly timed to coincide with the onset of N. Carolina’s balmy summer season of sweat.

It’s a $30 ticket before the show for two days of ass-kickin’ tunes, OEM women and a house card of builders fresh and familiar.

Event info: