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POP metrics defined

It’s a cold world out there, where creative free spirits are forced to subject their warm and fuzzy intuition to the hard logic of the bean counters instruments of measurement.

Sensory Logic, a research developer, offers clients that Next Big Step beyond focus groups — emotional metrics that combine the warmth of a lie detector with the certainty of the Apocolypse.

Actually, it’s not that bad. Subjects are hooked up to various feedback sensors — patches over the eyes and on the cheeks, and a band around the hand — and then exposed, over the course of a half hour or so, to various “stimuli”, i.e., designs. The resulting involuntary responses are tracked against conscious reactions, giving clients a way to record reaction to either entire displays or portions thereof.

You say potato, I say patato. Bottom line, how big’s the sample have to be before the results are whim or trend?

the best damn football game ever?

yes, it certainly was

it's great to be a Florida gator!

BCS final: University of Florida 41 — Ohio State University 14

national champs times two

2006 Division I National Men’s Basketball Champs

2006 Division I National Football Champs

2006 Southeastern Conference Champs

it really is great to be a Florida Gator! Go Gators!

dakar on vs. – set the vcr and prepare to wallow

this is where you want to be in january

If it’s January it must be Dakar on cable. For my money, and if you saw my cable bill you’d agree, the best produced sports show on the tube — period. Slo-mo, helicopter, POV, remote and static shots are edited and fed around the world for near-real time consumption.

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trade show exhibitionists

the new york times analyizes cost-benefit of firms to attend

Today’s New York Times Technology section leads with the cost-benefit to firms attending the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, which runs this week in Las Vegas. The pros and cons are laid out, and with the powersports industry’s main events just a few weeks away (V-Twin in Cincinnati, Dealer Expo in Indianapolis) the timing for an overview couldn’t be better.

This piece is on the heels of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where manufacturers annually roll the dice on billions of dollars of market share, and parallel to MacWorld in San Francisco, where Apple’s rumored to introduce the long anticipated iPhone – a potential seismic event in the entirety of digital interconnectivity.

Interesting from the marketing perspective is how much more willing some industry segments are to acknowledge the role exhibit and collateral design plays in marketing to the audience in shows like CES, NAIAS and SEMA, to name a few. As competition and economics get tougher, those who grab and hold the high ground will understand the relationship of perception to performance, whether in the dealers mind or the consumers.