they do it differently – way – in s. africa

AdForum’s Top 5 commercials for the week included Ogilvey and Mather – Africa’s 50-second spot for Harley, which features adultery, voyeurism and just a few seconds of Softail footage to establish the brand.

Las Vegas’ “What Happen’s Here, Stays Here” theme may push the envelope in the States. This effort (“Affair”) by Johannesburg shop Fresh Water Films rips it up and tosses it out the window.

The spot opens with the resident bad boy pulling up late in the day and a nice shot of the kickstand being lowered. A quick cut inside the house to a chick and her boyfriend in the sack is an obvious sign of trouble, big trouble, ahead.

But all isn’t what it seems, and you have to watch the surprise ending to figure the plot out. Closes with a nice fade in dimensional shot of the bar and shield over the slogan “R E S P E C T”.

I’ll try to put it up.

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