look out! he’s got more bandwidth!

Having already decided I was spending too much time in front of the computer, it was only natural I’d figure out a way to flog my uncomplaining G4 from yet another direction.

To say blogs are all the rage misses the point. The skeptic in me assumes this is all just training against the day when the ozone layer’s totally fried and to avoid the same fate we take to caves, where we blog, podcast, e-mail and in general record every waking moment of every person’s time on earth.

On the other hand — and there’s always another hand — as long as we’re busily e-mailing to and fro anyway, why not try and improve the efficiency ROI?

Here’s what I’ve learned. All blogs are web pages, but not all web pages are blogs. If a web page is a more formal, one-way communique, a blog (if I understand things correctly) assumes the informal, spontaneous, and somewhat limited in terms of function role.

The primary goal’s to take mainstream advertising, marketing and public relations bits and pieces and compare them to their powersports counterparts. That’s in general, and we’ll see where it goes. Beyond that rather broad undertaking we’ll post content that can, regardless of stretch, be connected to the powersports market.

We’ll avoid screaming matches, believing as we do in the solid entertainment value of, say, an exploding gator-eating python over run-of-the-mill politics and religion.

Let’s see how things work out.